Google Chromecast

University of Idaho
Screenshot for Google Chromecast

Google's Chromecast is an affordable method for wireless connectivity between internet devices and various external displays. The Chromecast is an HDMI device that transfers data via wireless internet connections. The USB powered device can run off most USB ports and also comes with a USB wall adapter. Chromecast allows most Android, iOS, OS X, Windows, and Chrome OS devices to display a variety of internet content on an external display. Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Google Play Movies and Music, and Chrome are all supported on the Chromecast.

Setup for the device is basically plug and play, with only 3 steps to get up and running. Most mainstream online audio and video providers use their own app with Chromecast for better performance. For other uses, Chromecast allows you to "cast" any tab from Google Chrome to the external display. It can be a useful tool for educators, keeping you and your laptop mobile instead of stuck to video and audio cables while presenting multimedia material.

For more information check out Google's Chromecast Info

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