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Devices to Support Mindfulness/Meditation

I explored three of the most popular devices for supporting mindfulness practice.  Please note that these devices really can't be compared and contrasted because each has a very different goal in mind.



This tutorial shows how you can use this tool to embed questions throughout a video.

Making Active Text from an Image of Text in Google Drive

University of Idaho
A quick walkthrough on using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in the new Google Drive.

Using Flubaroo to Grade Google Forms

University of Idaho
This brief video shows you how to add the Flubaroo script to a response sheet to grade a Google Form.

Google Forms in the Classroom

University of Idaho
This screencast shows you how to create a Google Form and gives suggestions for using forms in the classroom.

Google Docs in the Classroom

University of Idaho
This screencast walks through the essential tools to consider when using Google Docs in the classroom.

Utilizing Student-Owned Devices

University of Idaho

Students are accustomed to having nearly constant access to digital devices outside of the classroom, so why not find ways to incorporate the use of student-owned devices inside the classroom? Here are three possibilities to assist teachers with integrating student-owned devices to enhance lessons, increase communication, and engage students:

Interactive Websites for Learning

University of Idaho

Consider reinforcing skills taught in the classroom with interactive websites designed to address those skills. The following three websites serve as directories for free interactive sites for learning:

Interactive Sites for Education

Interactive games and simulations in the following categories: Math, English/Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Brain Teasers, Art, Music, Typing, Holidays, Spanish & Teacher Tools.

Digital Access to Primary Sources

University of Idaho

The incorporation of digital primary sources is a simple way to meet multiple ELA Common Core Standards that include use of media and support incorporating Common Core Standards for Literacy in History and Social Studies. Consider the following websites for easy access to primary sources:


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