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Think Outside of the Box When Using Document Cameras

University of Idaho

Document cameras can be found in many classrooms, but are they being used to full potential? A document camera allows you to zoom in on a document or object so that the whole class can see it in detail. Consider the following ideas to spark your imagination for getting creative with document cameras:

Skype, Facetime, or Google+ Hangout?

University of Idaho
  Pros Cons Conclusion
  • very well known
  • allows IM, video chat and file sharing
  • must have skype account to use
  • most likely to have quality issues
  • must download
Most Limited
  • easiest to use if both users have iPhones or macs
  • when used with iChat - can IM, video chat with up to four people, share files, share screen
  • most restrictive because it can only be used on Apple devices
Most Restrictive
Google+ Hangout
  • goes beyond a mere video conference by allowing hangout creator to share documents which can be collaborated on in real time
  • share screen allows up to ten participants "Live On Air" streaming feature
  • must have google account to use
Most Diverse

Scan & Fax on the Go with your Smartphone

Screenshot for Scan & Fax on the Go with your Smartphone
University of Idaho

When you need easy access to scanning and faxing, try an app for your smartphone. CamScanner is a free, easy to use app available for android or iphone. Take a picture of a document to convert it to PDF in seconds. Allows you to crop, rotate, and share your PDF via email. Charges $.99 per page to fax.



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