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Chromebooks for Special Education and Assistive Technology

University of Idaho

This presentation was created by Dan Dyer in a collaboration between the Center on Disabilities and Human Development and the Doceo Center for Innovation + Learning.

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Chromecast Network Workarounds

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University of Idaho
A useful resource for troubleshooting connectivity of Chromecast to wireless networks.

Google Chromecast

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University of Idaho
Google's Chromecast is an affordable method for wireless connectivity between internet devices and various external displays. It can be a useful tool for educators to remain mobile during classtime as opposed to being tethered to audio and video cables while presenting multimedia material.

Zamzar - Online File Conversion

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One of the difficulties faced when using a Chromebook is its inability to open proprietary file types. This free service is able to convert documents, images, audio, video, e-books, compressed files, and even CAD file formats.

From Laptop to Chromebook: Major Differences to Expect

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Google's streamlined approach to providing users with a device similar to a traditional laptop without the size and bloat of unnecessary software makes the switch an easy one in the world of technology.

Google Docs APA Style Templates

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An easy alternative to spending time messing with the laborious formatting of an APA paper in Google Docs.

PDF Editing and Sharing from your Browser

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This free online PDF editor allows you to share, highlight, comment, sign, type and even draw on PDFs. Not only is it compatible with just about any device with a web browser, including mobile platforms, it is also designed to work with Google Drive.
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