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Chromecast Network Workarounds

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University of Idaho
A useful resource for troubleshooting connectivity of Chromecast to wireless networks.

Google Chromecast

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University of Idaho
Google's Chromecast is an affordable method for wireless connectivity between internet devices and various external displays. It can be a useful tool for educators to remain mobile during classtime as opposed to being tethered to audio and video cables while presenting multimedia material.

Interactive Websites for Learning

University of Idaho

Consider reinforcing skills taught in the classroom with interactive websites designed to address those skills. The following three websites serve as directories for free interactive sites for learning:

Interactive Sites for Education

Interactive games and simulations in the following categories: Math, English/Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Brain Teasers, Art, Music, Typing, Holidays, Spanish & Teacher Tools.

October 2013

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University of Idaho

We are excited this month to announce the acceptance of six proposals for our Technology-Infused Research Projects. These proposals represent collaborative partnerships between Doceo Center researchers and university faculty and students. Each project represents a unique research study geared toward improving teaching and learning through technology, and these proposals represent a variety of emphases, including: science education, special education, teacher education, physical education, computer science education, and working with Native American populations. As these research projects move forward, we are excited to work with a diverse group of researchers and K12 partners to impact teaching and learning in a way that produces generalizable and transferable results.

As a center, we had the opportunity this month to lend our expertise to our colleagues within the university, to the state, and to the educational field at large by leading seminars, providing perspective to evaluators, and presenting at an international conference. Within the university, I led a seminar with teacher education students on the impacts of emerging technologies on teaching and learning, and Cassidy Hall led a seminar with the same group on utilizing technologies to support classroom management. Cassidy and I also led a brown bag seminar with College of Education faculty, which provided an overview of our theoretical view of technology’s role in educational practice and research and our efforts and achievements in the center to date. This was a great opportunity to increase awareness of our work within the university and to make additional connections with faculty on common interests.

Google Forms

University of Idaho
This blog post is an introduction to Google's Forms and provides a brief how-to process for making a form/survey. "Google Forms is a tool that allows collecting information from users via a personalized survey or quiz. The information is then collected and automatically connected to a spreadsheet with the same name." - Wikipedia

Google Docs Suite

University of Idaho
Google Docs is Google's "software as a service" office suite. Documents, spreadsheets, presentations can be created with Google Docs, imported through the web interface, or sent via email. Documents can be saved to a user's local computer in a variety of formats (ODF, HTML, PDF, RTF, Text, Office Open XML). Documents are automatically saved to Google's servers. ...


University of Idaho
Blogger is a blog-publishing service that allows private or multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. It was developed by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003. Generally, the blogs are hosted by Google at a subdomain of Up until May 1, 2010 Blogger allowed users to publish blogs on other hosts, via FTP. All such blogs had (or still have) to be moved to Google's own servers, with domains other than allowed via custom URLs. - Wikipedia

Google Sites

University of Idaho
Google Sites is a structured wiki- and web page-creation tool offered by Google as part of the Google Apps Productivity suite. The goal of Google Sites is for anyone to be able to create a team-oriented site where multiple people can collaborate and share files. - Wikipedia
Instructor use - Create a course website where you can upload materials

Zamzar - Online File Conversion

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One of the difficulties faced when using a Chromebook is its inability to open proprietary file types. This free service is able to convert documents, images, audio, video, e-books, compressed files, and even CAD file formats.


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