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Video Editing Applications

University of Idaho
Understanding the basics of video editing can be very useful in the classroom. Knowing how to edit videos and being confident in your ability to teach your students how to do so opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the types of projects your students can complete.

The first step to understanding how to edit videos is finding a reliable video editing software to use.

Google Drive

University of Idaho
Google Drive and the enclosed Docs suite have many uses in the classroom, especially for collaborative learning. This blog post introduces Drive, Docs, and Forms more in-depth and provides a few "how-to" exercises to allow one to become more familiar with using the apps.

Digital Access to Primary Sources

University of Idaho

The incorporation of digital primary sources is a simple way to meet multiple ELA Common Core Standards that include use of media and support incorporating Common Core Standards for Literacy in History and Social Studies. Consider the following websites for easy access to primary sources:

Introduction to Google Apps

University of Idaho

This blog posts highlights the benefits and potential uses of Google Apps for Educators. Apps covered include Drive, Forms, Sites, Blogger, Translate, Maps, Hangouts, Scholar, Books, Picasa, YouTube, and Calendar. The blog also gives ideas on how these technologies could be incorporated into a curriculum and includes 5 example assignments.

From Laptop to Chromebook: Major Differences to Expect

Screenshot for From Laptop to Chromebook: Major Differences to Expect

Google's streamlined approach to providing users with a device similar to a traditional laptop without the size and bloat of unnecessary software makes the switch an easy one in the world of technology.

Think Outside of the Box When Using Document Cameras

University of Idaho

Document cameras can be found in many classrooms, but are they being used to full potential? A document camera allows you to zoom in on a document or object so that the whole class can see it in detail. Consider the following ideas to spark your imagination for getting creative with document cameras:

Google Docs APA Style Templates

Screenshot for Google Docs APA Style Templates
An easy alternative to spending time messing with the laborious formatting of an APA paper in Google Docs.

Skype, Facetime, or Google+ Hangout?

University of Idaho
  Pros Cons Conclusion
  • very well known
  • allows IM, video chat and file sharing
  • must have skype account to use
  • most likely to have quality issues
  • must download
Most Limited
  • easiest to use if both users have iPhones or macs
  • when used with iChat - can IM, video chat with up to four people, share files, share screen
  • most restrictive because it can only be used on Apple devices
Most Restrictive
Google+ Hangout
  • goes beyond a mere video conference by allowing hangout creator to share documents which can be collaborated on in real time
  • share screen allows up to ten participants "Live On Air" streaming feature
  • must have google account to use
Most Diverse

PDF Editing and Sharing from your Browser

Screenshot for PDF Editing and Sharing from your Browser
This free online PDF editor allows you to share, highlight, comment, sign, type and even draw on PDFs. Not only is it compatible with just about any device with a web browser, including mobile platforms, it is also designed to work with Google Drive.

Scan & Fax on the Go with your Smartphone

Screenshot for Scan & Fax on the Go with your Smartphone
University of Idaho

When you need easy access to scanning and faxing, try an app for your smartphone. CamScanner is a free, easy to use app available for android or iphone. Take a picture of a document to convert it to PDF in seconds. Allows you to crop, rotate, and share your PDF via email. Charges $.99 per page to fax.



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