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September 2013

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University of Idaho

It has become pointlessly redundant to say that we had a busy and eventful month, but perhaps sometimes redundancy is needed: We had a busy and eventful month! Over this period, we added a number of resources to our Research and Sharing Portal, hired a new staff member, conducted many professional development sessions at schools and within the university, received a set of exciting research proposals from a variety of collaborators, and progressed in a number of our partnerships and research endeavors.

On our Research and Sharing Portal, we created an easy-to-use, filterable list of common core technology standards, developed a beta version of a dynamic impact dashboard to quickly communicate our efforts and successes to the world, and began creating comparison charts to provide quick-glance overviews to readers on different technologies.

August 2013

Screenshot for August 2013
University of Idaho
School is off to a roaring start, and we in the Doceo Center are moving fast to work with K12 schools and the university to conduct research and provide professional development surrounding technology integration! At the university, we have begun conducting our first workshops in the newly renovated TLC 23 classroom, located in the Teaching and Learning Center. With two 80" Sharp interactive displays, a projector with retractable screen, a flexible node-type seating system, and Huddleboards, the classroom provides new technology and classroom configuration opportunities to University of Idaho faculty. In these workshops, participating faculty explore how to use the renovated room to support interactive learning and collaboration, and Cassidy (our technology integration specialist) helps them to determine how these technologies and affordances can be useful for supporting learning in their subject areas and contexts.

July 2013

University of Idaho

This month the Doceo Center welcomed Cassidy Hall to our ranks as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Learning Technologies and as our Technology Integration Specialist. In this position, Cassidy will serve as our first line of communication with schools and districts surrounding professional development. Cassidy brings with her a great deal of experience in the realm of technology integration and school change and has a proven track record of working effectively with teachers and other school and district personnel. We are excited that Cassidy has joined us, and she has hit the ground running: meeting with schools, setting up professional development workshops, and taking a lead in helping to form the strategic vision of the Doceo Center.

One of the challenges in the current educational ecosystem which we seek to address in the Doceo Center is the rift between K-12 practitioners/administrators and academic researchers. This rift is problematic in both directions, because it prevents researchers from expanding knowledge, identifying best practices, and teaching new teachers in a way that is grounded in practical applications of what is seen in schools, and from a school's perspective, this rift prevents school and district personnel from recognizing the value of much of the work that is done in higher education and to benefit from findings related to best practices in instruction and assessment.

June 2013

University of Idaho

Greetings! My name is Royce Kimmons, and I am excited to begin as the Director of the Doceõ Center for Innovation + Learning!

This position is very exciting, because through the Doceõ Center, we plan to positively impact K12 student learning throughout the State of Idaho by researching and sharing best practices associated with technology integration.

As such, this past month has marked the beginning of several initiatives and projects in the Doceõ Center that will have a considerable impact on K12 learning in the state as time goes on. Some key milestones are as follows:

  • We began partnering with school districts and exploring ways in which we can provide professional development to schools and districts. One of these partnerships has already yielded a successful grant that you can read more about in the attached newsletter!
  • We released a Request for Proposals to University of Idaho faculty in the form of Technology-Infused Research Projects. These projects will impact K12 learning by connecting university researchers with K12 students and teachers around technology.
  • We launched our Research and Sharing Portal, which will serve as our primary method for sharing resources, research, and announcements with educators throughout Idaho and beyond.


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