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Google Docs is limited in its formatting features, especially for the less common formatting options used in APA research documents. Creating proper formatting for things such as hanging indents is not as easy in Google Docs as it is in other programs such as Microsoft Word. And while some formatting styles can be difficult to create, others are still not available in Google Docs such as the "different first page" required for the running head on the title page of an APA style paper. An easy alternative to spending time messing with the laborious formatting of an APA paper is to download a Google Docs template from their gallery. Google hosts a variety of public templates uploaded by users to be used with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. The availability of these templates helps Docs users cut down the time they have to spend on formatting their documents. The template gallery also has the option for any user to upload their own templates to be used by anyone.

Below is a link to the Google Docs template gallery, as well as the links to two 6th edition APA style templates. The second link takes you to a title page template, since Google Docs doesn't support the "different first page" header feature. The third takes you to an APA research paper template designed to to be used with the title page. The first page is left blank to maintain appropriate page numbers.

- Google Docs Template Gallery
- 6th Edition APA Style Title Page Template
- 6th Edition APA Style Research Paper Template

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