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On April 25, 2015, we were excited to bring 82 educators together in Boise for Google Transform '15! At this event, we had eleven educators (eight from K-12 and three from higher education) lead sixteen sessions on Google Tools for transformational classroom change.

Most of the presenters were practicing, full-time classroom teachers, and this was their first time presenting in a large session format to groups of teachers. Nonetheless, sessions were rated very highly by participants overall (3.5/4.0), and some of the highest rated sessions included Becoming a Search Ninja by Royce Kimmons (3.9/4.0), Google Doodles and a Google a Day in the Classroom by Cassidy Hall (3.9/4.0), and Collaborative Learning and Critical Thinking with Sites by Katie Graupman (3.9/4.0).

When reflecting on the day, many participants expressed that the event was of great value for them. Some responses included the following:

  • My day was great. Learned lots of exciting new things and can't wait to use them in my classroom.
  • Great!
  • Fantastic!
  • I learned so much that I didn't know.
  • This was an exciting learning and networking opportunity.

In addition, some feedback on individual sessions included the following:

  • This was not only informative but very interesting.  [This session's content] should be emailed out to all district employees!!!!
  • Very fun and informative.
  • Great presenters.  Practical and useful information.  I appreciate the progressiveness of the admin/teachers.
  • Great job presenting with such applicable information.  Fantastic pace.  I appreciate that it was interactive and that we got to play the "student" role.
  • Outstanding ... would seriously recommend this topic be promoted for a much longer session.  [The presenter] was very knowledgeable and [I was] impressed with his command of the material.
  • [She] was a fantastic presenter. She knows her stuff and gave us tools we can use. Her students must be very engaged in their learning. Thank you!
  • I wish it was a longer session!!!
  • [The presenter] is fabulous!
  • Great job--I'm leaving with lots of ideas :)
  • [The presenter was] much more FLOW like with his teaching not linear, very refreshing approach. 
  • This was so eye opening!!!!!! Wish these tools were available when I was having to write college papers!
  • Amazing! ... What a wonderful session!
  • I really appreciated the content and questions that [the presenter] provided. It made for an engaging instrospective learning experience about a topic that largely goes unaddressed in public K-12.
  • [The presenter] is very easy to listen to.  He is very informed on his topic and very organized in his presentation.
  • Great challenges that made me think and problem solve.  Loved it.
  • [The presenter] rocked It! I thought I new quite a bit, but now I certainly know more!
  • Thank you, [presenter]!!!! For answering genre specific issues. It is not easy to find answers to issues with [the session tool] that are specific to our fields of expertise.
  • This lesson was structured so well that I was creating ... throughout the entire session! When I had to ask for clarification/instruction, [the presenter] was very helpful and understandable.

Resources from sessions are available on the event website.

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