Cd'A Tech Kickoff

Two steps for receiving professional development credit for Kickoff Conference:


1.  Complete and return the registration form with the $60 payment.  There will be a table in the lobby where you can complete and return these forms.  Please do this on the day of the Kickoff Conference.


    2.  Complete the assignment which requires you to apply what you learned at the Kickoff Conference about two technologies to the Danielson Framework for Teaching.  You may want to familiarize yourself with the framework prior to completing the assignment by browsing the domains and components here:

    This assignment is due Friday, September 1st.  Use this link to access the assignment.


Applying Tech Use in the Classroom to the Danielson Framework

Please click here to complete the survey!!!

Tech Tools for Formative Assessment

Kahoot! - game based learning

Socrative - real-time assessment with visual feedback

Poll Everywhere -  real-time feedback to engage students

Plickers - real-time feedback without the need for student devices, print out or purchase cards for student feedback, utilize an app from your smartphone to track the data







OR click here to access the Google Drawing.


Tech Tools to Support Literacy

Click here to access a Google Drawing that contains all links for this presentation.


YouTube as a Teaching Tool

Create your own YouTube channel

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