From Laptop to Chromebook: Major Differences to Expect

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When people upgrade or switch to different technologies, most people expect there to be some form of learning curve to adjust and feel comfortable with using something they're not used to. Making the switch from a traditional laptop to a Google Chromebook is not all that difficult and Chromebooks can perform many of the same tasks as your laptop.

A Chromebook has a physical layout very similar to a laptop but sports a smaller form factor. Instead of running off of iOS or Windows, the Chromebook uses a Chrome operating system that is browser-based. Due to it being a browser-based OS, the Chromebook does not allow users to install traditional programs. Google's workaround for this is its diverse availability of Chrome Apps that are able to perform many of the same tasks other programs can. The Chromebooks even come with some basic Google applications already installed such as Google Docs, Spreads, and Slides, making it easier for users to start using their new device right out of the box.

Another major difference between the traditional laptop and Google's Chromebook is the device's file storage. Instead of relying on the device's hard drive for storage, the Chromebook uses an online file storage called Google Drive. The storage of files online allows users to access their files from any computer with internet access and also makes it easy to share documents with other people. Worried about not being able to work on documents without an internet connection? That's not a problem, Google Drive also lets you select files to be available offline for reading or editing.

Even with the Chromebook being reliant on having access to the internet for most of its capabilities, the device is a viable option for many as the expansion of wireless connectivity continues to grow. Google's streamlined approach to providing users with a device similar to a traditional laptop without the size and bloat of unnecessary software makes the switch an easy one in the world of technology.

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