Devices to Support Mindfulness/Meditation

I explored three of the most popular devices for supporting mindfulness practice.  Please note that these devices really can't be compared and contrasted because each has a very different goal in mind.


This mindfulness and activity tracker is the most responsive to supporting mindfulness practice.  With an app to accompany the small clip-on device, Spire tracks the following by recognizing your breathing patterns: Calm, Focus, Tense, Active, Sendentary.  You can also see stats of streaks of these activities throughout the day.  A series of "boosts" are available within the app as small recordings to support trying to increase certain activities to create balance in your day.  You can turn notifications on or off so that Spire can let you know when it recognizes challenges throughout your day.  For instance, it will recognize if you're having a tense streak and will nofify you to try a boost to relieve the tension.  The device itself looks like it's made from stone but is actually soft and comfortable to wear.  Spire is priced at $129.95 with free shipping and has saving packages available for couples and families.

This device is really made to support mindfulness, so it has some obvious strengths to support your practice and adds the benefit of considering the importance of activity to balance your life.


Muse is a headband that is all about supporting your meditation practice.  "The headband uses brain-sensing technology to measure whether your mind is calm or active, and translates those signals into guiding sounds."  You wear the headband while you're meditating to get real-time feedback on the calmness and activity in your mind.  In the app, you can choose from five different soundscapes: beach, desert, ambient music, rainforest, and city park.  As you listen, you'll notice harsher noises when your mind is active instead of calm - like crashing waves on the beach which signal you to try to be more focused and relaxed during your practice.  You set goals for yourself within the app and choose the sessions you want to experience.  You can set multiple practice reminders so that you don't forget to meditate.  Muse is priced at $249 with free shipping or you can add a carrying case for a total of $278.99.  Meditation cusions are also available for $149 or $129.

This is the least flexible of the devices in that it is only meant to help you improve your meditation practice.  However, if you have trouble focusing during meditation, then it may be just the device to get your practice moving in the right direction.


Sorry guys - this one is designed just for women.  Bellabeat is a health tracker for your body and mind deemed as "smart jewelry" with many styles and colors that can be worn as a necklass, bracelet, or clip-on.  The app tracks steps, sleep, meditation, and your monthly cycle and provides an overview of how stressed you are on a given day that is reflective of the tracking.  You can set separate activity, sleep, and meditation goals.  With meditation, there are multiple guided practices of an impressive variety available for free download within the app to support your practice.  The monthy cycle tracking also has the ability to track your reproductive health by showing your fertility days.  Prices range from $119 to $199 depending on style with free shipping, and you can buy a package of two different styles for 20% off.

If you're looking for a device that emphasizes the importance of meditation as part of a wellness routine, but also tracks many other important aspects of your wellness, then this may be the perfect device for you.

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