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Practical Uses for Google Classroom

We’ll explore the crossovers that many other applications have with Google Classroom, the ability to assess within classroom with questions and forms, and new features that continue to improve Classroom. This is a great session for questions you currently have about the App.


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Google Classroom partners


Other tools that work with Google Classroom (with some repeats)


G Suite for Education Advanced

Using Google already but want to learn about all those seldom noticed and new features? This session will focus on all the hidden tools that you’re probably unaware of even if you are regularly using Google tools. 

Optical Character Recognition (turns pdf's into active text) - rIght click on a pdf or other image file from Drive and open in Google Docs 


Explore Tool

Add Ons

Open Your Eyes to Open Education Resources - click on the image below to access the Google Slide presentation.

What are open education resources and where can I find them? This session will introduce you to the background of OER and the CK-12 website with loads of free resources and tools to make the use of OER simple. You’ll also get to explore other terrific OER storehouses


Google Virtual Reality

Learn about and experience Google Street View, Google Cardboard, and Google Expeditions. Get acquainted with how to use the apps to bring 360 pictures and video into your classroom. You’ll also learn how to create your own 360 photos in Cardboard. 


Google Street View


Google Cardboard


Google Expeditions



Tech Tools to Support Literacy Across the Curriculum

Many tools have been developed to support the wide range of reading levels that your students bring to the classroom. We'll take a close look at a handful of tools, both Internet based and Chrome extensions, that will help support a wide range of literacy skills. Teachers will have time to explore tools in depth to compile a toolbox to support their students. Early elementary teachers will explore a different set of tools to support primary literacy needs.

Tech Tools for Formative Assessment

Formative Assessment is easier than ever with a wide variety of tech tools to increase student participation and interest. We’ll explore three of these tools and then give you time to create with the one that best fits your needs.

Supporting the Use of Video in the Classroom

Because video clips are so frequently used in the classroom as a teaching tool, many tools have been revealed within the last couple years that provide the ability to enhance learning from these clips. We'll explore tools that enable you to embed questions throughout a video or build a lesson around a video. You’ll have time to create clips for your classes.

A Little Google Everything

There are so many unused tools hidden within Google Search and Google Apps that can be especially helpful in the classroom. From Google Custom Search to making your own Google Maps, we'll reveal all the hidden tools and give you time to explore those that will be most helpful in your classroom.

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