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Tech GEARS Overall Score
2.5 out of 4 stars
University of Idaho
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Google's Chromecast is an affordable method for wireless connectivity between internet devices and various external displays. The Chromecast is an HDMI device that transfers data via wireless internet connections. The USB powered device can run off most USB ports and also comes with a USB wall adapter. Chromecast allows most Android, iOS, OS X, Windows, and Chrome OS devices to display a variety of internet content on an external display. Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Google Play Movies and Music, and Chrome are all supported on the Chromecast.

Setup for the device is plug and play, with only 3 steps to get up and running. Most mainstream online audio and video providers use their own app with Chromecast for better performance. For other uses, Chromecast allows you to "cast" any tab from Google Chrome to the external display. Some drawbacks associated with the Chromecast are its inability to stream local content and its tedious requirements of wifi security; however, most tech directors shouldn't have a problem with addressing its wifi connectivity.

Schools may also face an issue if the projectors in use lack HDMI inputs as most older projectors only offer VGA inputs. The Chromecast can still be connected to these older projectors with the use of a VGA/Audio to HDMI converter.The use of Chromecast in the classroom grants educators freedom to move about the classroom and display content from a variety of devices while presenting multimedia material instead of being grounded in a single location, tethered by audio and video cables. 

Tech GEARS Area Scores

Technology General Educational Application Rating System (Tech GEARS) Area Scores
Compatibility CM The technology is almost universally compatible with existing infrastructures and practices and should not be susceptible to major difficulties with implementation.
Relative Advantage RA The technology has little recognizable value for improving or transforming educational practice.
Sustainability ST The technology is almost certainly sustainable in an educational setting for a reasonable length of time.
Scalability SC The technology is capable of scaling beyond the classroom level, but care should be taken to address problem areas and to create supports for diffusion.

Tech GEARS Detailed Item Analysis

Tech GEARS Detailed Item Analysis
Accessibility The technology's design prevents some individuals from being able to effectively use it, but add-on features can be utilized or adjustments may be made to compensate for this lack of accessibility.
Classroom-Friendliness The technology will work well in existing classroom cultures with little or no adjustment.
Cost - Add-Ons The technology will not require add-on items to effectively support learning.
Cost - Initial The technology does not cost significantly more than alternative methods or other brands of the same product.
Efficiency It is unlikely that the technology will improve efficiencies.
Flexibility The technology type is designed for a single, fairly narrow purpose and cannot be used for other purposes.
Infrastructural Compatibility The technology will function well within existing infrastructures without making significant changes.
Lifespan The technology would be expected to last between two and three (2-3) years in a typical K-12 classroom setting wherein it was used daily.
Management Ease It would take a tech-savvy classroom teacher to effectively manage this technology.
Measurable Outcomes The technology cannot readily be connected to any measurable student outcomes.
Management Scale A single administrator may effectively manage technology users beyond the classroom level.
Security With little effort, the technology can readily comply with FERPA and other privacy requirements and utilizes industry standards of information security.
Tranformational Value It is somewhat likely that the technology will transform school or classroom cultures in valuable ways.
User-Friendliness The technology is easy to use and has little (if any) learning curve.
Zeitgeist The technology is of great interest to one or more subcultures (e.g., business, engineering), but not the larger culture generally.
Chromecast is an affordable alternative to other media streaming devices and tethering audio/video cables. Although its initial setup on a wifi network may require the skills of a tech administrator to adjust the network's security settings, Chromecast is an easily manageable, user-friendly device.
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