Guest Lectures

University of Idaho

Creating a Presentation using PowerPoint 2013 Guest Lecture for Courtney Kersten-Feburary, 18, 2016

Collaboration, Video, & Assessment Tools Workshop Guest Lecture for Jeremy Falk - February 12, 2016

Technology to Provide Access to Curriculum for Students with Disabilities Guest Lecture for Alex Hollingshead

Technology and Literacy Assessment Guest Lecture for Julie Magelky & Diane Swensen 

Technology and Assessment This session includes tools for online polls and quizzes, digital reminders to students and parents, online studying, rubrics, and creative tools for assessment.

Tech Tools for Meeting Idaho Common Core ELA Standards

Literacy Tech Tools for Reading Comprehension eBooks for Children This page was created to support modules 1-4 in Creating Open E-Books for Children.

Tech Resources to Support Culturally Diverse Teaching


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