Online Course Access

University of Idaho

Schools that have a subsciption to online courses can access course materials here.  

You will be able to access course materials and complete pd credits until the end of the fall semester of 2016. Remember that each course is equal to one professional development credit and that you can take as many as you wish ($60 registration fee for each). You are also welcome to complete online courses without taking them for credit.  

If you wish to complete online courses for pd credit for Fall 2015 (work due by Friday, December 4th), Spring 2016 (work due by Friday, May 6th), Summer 2016 (work due by Friday, August 5th) or Fall 2016 (work due by Friday, December 9th).

Please sign up for the courses you plan to take:

Also, please complete the appropriate registration forms linked below and return as soon as possible for Summer sessions.  If you are taking more than one course for credit in a semester, you'll need to fill out one form for each.

To access the courses, click the appropriate link below:

If you have any questions or concerns throughout the courses, please contact Janice Weesner

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