Google Apps for Education & Google Scholar

Google Apps and Google Scholar offer more than meets the eye to support collaborative writing, research, and so much more.  There are several hidden tools within Google Apps that are often overlooked. Below is a list of some of these not well-known apps, tools, tips, add-ons,  and extensions.


Hidden/Unnoticed Tools

  • Search Tips (settings, SafeSearch, history, search by voice, search by image) & Tools (1. web: time, verbatim, location; 2. videos: duration, quality, closed captioned, source; 3. images: size, color, type, usage rights)
  • My Maps 
  • Translate
  • Google Docs (suggesting, revision history, research, add ons)
  • Google Forms & Sheets (customize, collaborate - 10X10 topic, question types, send/embed, results, grade)
  • Google Drawing (Doodles just for fun!)
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Custom Search

Google Scholar

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