Screenshot for Picto4me

Picto4me for Google Drive allows you to create, edit, play and share communication boards straight on the Google Drive. It is the easiest online application for designing communication boards, and the integration with Google Drive is pretty slick: 

1) Create new boards directly from the "Create New" menu, 

2) Edit board just by clicking on them, 

3) Share boards as you share any other Google Drive document

4) Play the boards using switches, mouse, camera or keyboard

5) Give natural voices to your pictograms

6) Two Level Keyboard with audible selection and large screen

7) The powerful Autodesk Pixlr Image Editor is seamlessly integrated with Picto4me editor.

8) Download your board as PDF

9) Insert images from web, your computer, or straight from your web-cam

10) Play all projects or one projects

11) Initial board thumbnail

12) Natural voice synthesizer or audio file for image description

13) Natural voice synthesizer for typed sentences on the two level keyboard

14) Yes/No Pictogram overlay

15) Drag-and-drop your images and send files.

For all grade levels. 

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