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GMAIL - Gmail Help Center

Inbox:  you can control how your inbox looks via the pulldown tab next to Inbox in the left column.  Inbox tabs and category labels.


Signature: create a signature that will appear at the bottom of every message you send

Contacts & Groups: add new contacts from an incoming email or create groups to easily email multiple contacts.

Filters:  create filters to organize and prioritize emails

Stars:  you can use stars to easily tag messages that you need to pay attention to later.  Starred Messages.

All Mail vs. Inbox:  you can also choose to archive items to the all mail folder.  Any emails that disappear from your inbox can be found there.

Search:  use search operators to easily find emails

Tasks:  tasks are your to-do list in gmail.  You can easily add an email to your task list from the more button or create tasks from scratch.  See more about tasks.

Labs:  labs are experimental features that add functionality.  If you're feeling adventurous, access labs in your settings menu to explore the possibilities.

Gmail Offline:  read, manage, and compose messages without an internet connection

Gmail Tips & Tricks:  quickly flip through these tips to become a more effective gmail user

GOOGLE CALENDAR - Google Calendar Help

Views:  view your calendar by day, week, or month OR just view your agenda

Create more calendars:  you can easily create and manage multiple calendars which is a terrific option for teachers who teach multiple periods or those who prefer to organize by subject.

Share your calendar: share your calendar with individuals or groups, consider sharing with students, parents, and other teachers.

Creating, editing, and inviting to events:  create and customize events, easily edit as needed, and invite others to your events.

Appointment slots:  send an group invite with appointment slots to have individuals sign up for unique times for an event.   This is a terrific tool for scheduling parent-teacher conferences.

Insert a hyperlink in a calendar event:  though it's simple to add attachments to a calendar, you may want to enable students to link directly to a web page.  This requires a tiny bit of html coding, but it's quite simple to achieve.

Offline Access:  access your calendar without internet

Tips for Using Google Calendar in the Classroom


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