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BbLearn Q and A session with Carie Saunders of Distance & Extended Education

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Many free tools exist that allow for amazing synchronous and asynchronous reflection and discussion and take advantage of integrating student-owned devices.  We’ll explore the power of collaborative writing and discussion tools to increase engagement and participation for online and hybrid courses.

 Padlet is a free, web-based collaboration tool that allows for privacy  settings and personalized page options.  It's a terrific tool for posting  thoughts and reflections for sharing in real time as an alternative to  discussion boards.  Note that Padlet does not allow responding to  other posts.  Each post is independent and can include text and  image/video/website.  This makes it an easy way to have students share resources.  Follow this link to complete an activity on Padlet.  Click here for tips on using Padlet.

Click here to experience Padlet.


  TitanPad allows for collaborative writing on a public page or through          signing up for a private   space.  This tool enables real time collaboration       with 8 different author colors to keep track of changes.  The timeslider    feature allows you to see the collaboration history.  The account   administrator can create other user accounts for private use.  Follow this link to collaborate in TitanPad.  Use the password "collaboration" to access. Click here for tips on using TitanPad.

Click here to experience TitanPad.


  SpiderScribe is a collaborative mind-mapping tool that can  be shared via link or     email or embedded in a website.  Easily add text, files, images, maps, and events.   Follow this link to experience SpiderScribe.  Click here for a video tutorial on using                                                                SpiderScribe.  Note: tap under the video to choose different topics.


Google Docs is the most well known and widely used real time collaborative writing tool, but most people who use it don't realize half of the tools it offers.  Let's take a look at some recent additions and hidden tools in Google Docs.  Click here to view a video tutorial of Google Docs.  Click here to learn about other features such as the bookmark, table of contents, personal dictionary, translate, and modes tools. 


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