Merlot II

Screenshot for Merlot II

Merlot II is a site with a collection of free online simulations, interactives, games, and lessons, many of which are innovative approaches to teaching abstract and complex concepts. Locating these free services, however, is a journey. Here is how to find what will work for your classroom: In the menu bar at the top select Communities; in the large tile on the right labeled Materials by Category, choose the subject that best suits your purpose; in the center of the screen will populate a list of 3rd party sites' lessons/activities made available to Merlot, select the one most appropriate (this list can be filtered for more specific activities in the navigation bar on the left); once you've selected your topic/lesson, the page will detail what activities are available. To get to them, select Go to material. Lastly, select from the list the activity/lesson best fitting your objective.

Note: your computer will need the latest Java Applet script to run some of the simulations and animations. Be sure to have all computers up to date before taking a class to the site.

For all grade levels. 

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