Collaboration, Video, & Assessment Tools Workshop - Falk

The Agenda:

  1. Padlet: a great collaboration tool! Below is a padlet housing tutorials on all the tools that will be covered today. Click on it or use the QR code to access it from your own devices where you may add more resources or notes as I go through the workshop.
  2. EdPuzzle: this video editing site allows teachers to edit videos, add questions, track progress, stop students from skipping ahead, and more...
  3. Google Docs: sign in to your google account, go to and click on the new button to open a new Google Doc.
  4. Google Forms: same as above but after clicking the new button, go to More then to Google Forms
  5. 5 minute break
  6. Kahoot: a fun way to give quick, informal, formative quizzes
  7. Plickers: where kahoot requires all students have devices, plickers requires only the teacher to have a device!

Here's my email address if you have any lingering questions or want to let me know about a resource we should add to the site:

Also for free video compression, use the following link to download a handy free tool that can compress files: Free Video Compressor. Under Resources, then Pre-service Teacher Resources, you will find a tab with more detailed information and how-tos for compressing and uploading videos. 

If you wish to check out the padlet filled with additional notes and tutorials that in another window, you may click on this link or use the QR code below.

...or you can just jump right in below....


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