Why Screencast?

Screencasting can be used to accomplish all of the following:

  • Answer frequently asked question
  • Clarify a difficult concept that you know students find challenging
  • Provide a tutorial to support a task that the students will have to accomplish
  • Demonstrate - a how-to sort of video about a website, a procedure, a research concept, etc.

Let's begin with some tips for creating quality screencasts:


Do your students ever forget what you taught?  Are they ever absent? Do they need homework help?     

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then screencasting may be for you!

For PCs


1. To use screencast-o-matic, you really just need to click on the Start recording button on the homepage of the tool:

You can download the tool if you wish, but it is not necessary.  Note that you can choose the selection of the screen you want to record and also have options to just record the screen, just record the webcam, or record both.   Be sure that your mic is working – when you are talking, you will see green bars pop up next to narration as seen below.  To start recording, just click the red “Rec” button.  Note that you can pause the recording and backtrack if you make a mistake – you don’t have to start over.  To do this, you just play the recording back to yourself (after pausing it), and pause it where you want to begin recording again.  Then when you select “Rec” again, it will ask if you want to truncate to the new position and you would select yes.

2. Once you have completed the recording, you have three options for saving.  You can save it to your youtube channel (a freebie as part of any google account), your screencast-o-matic account (you have to create a free account in order to do this), or as an mp4 file.


For iPads


Show Me is a free iPad app that allows the user to create an interactive whiteboard tutorial to share information with your students.  You can add photos, text, and handwriting, and then record yourself teaching.  There are also more that 1.5 million videos in the Show Me library from educators around the world.

How can I use this in the classroom?   Use a Show Me to introduce a lesson topic, or as closure to a lesson.  Record yourself during a lesson for students who are absent, or for those students who need repeated explanations.  This tool could also be used for a homework tutorial to explain concepts or directions.

Watch this tutorial video to learn how to use the Show Me app:

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