Tools to Support Use of Video in the Classroom

Friday, February 19th

Video clips are terrific resources to help intoduce new concepts in the classroom or provide an additional explanation of a subject.  We'll dig into how you can more deeply utilize YouTube by creating your own teacher channel, how to insert questions and audio comments in video clips using the EdPuzzle tool, and how to create your own screencasts.

EdPuzzle - this tool allows you to choose videos from several locations including YouTube, National Geographic, TED Talks, etc. and enables the insertion of questions, annotations, commentary, etc.

YouTube - if you have a Google account, you may not realize that you have a YouTube account as well.  This enables you to edit videos, create your own YouTube Channel, etc.

Sreencast-o-matic - if you ever need to demonstrate something to students using your computer, and you don't want to have to do it over and over again, consider screencasting it.  This free (up to 15 mintues) screencasting tool is simple to use, doesn't require downloading, allows you to truncate and restart, and let's you choose the portion of the screen you want to record.  Idea for use:  Create a screencast on how to use APA style so that students in need can watch it instead of using valuable class time to show the whole group.


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