Weiser School District

May 26th

8:00 Announcements/schedule overview, etc.

8:15-9:30 Extensions for Chrome

Extensions enhance the functionality of the Chrome browser.  We’ll introduce some useful extensions for teachers and students and give you time to explore extensions in the Chrome Web Store.

9:45-11:00 Tech Tools to Support the Three Principles of UDL (Universal Design for Learning)

The Universal Design for Learning is a great way to make decisions about technology integration.  We’ll look at a few tech tools to support each UDL principle:

  • Multiple means of representation - give learners various ways of acquiring information and knowledge
  • Multiple means of expression - provide learners alternatives for demonstrating what they know
  • Multiple means of engagement - tap into learners' interests, offer appropriate challenges, and increase motivation

12:15-1:30 Tools to Support Content Areas

While many tech tools can provide support across the content areas, there were designed with specific content in mind. This session will provide time to explore a variety of tools that are specifically meant to support your content (will include all subject areas – even PE, art, agriculture, foreign language, business, etc.).

1:45-3:00 Danielson & Technology

It is important for teachers and administrators to understand how the use of technology can fit into each domain of the Danielson Framework.  We’ll introduce a checklist that provides an easy way to view technology use in relation to the domains.

3:00-3:30 Questions/Clarification/One-on-one


May 27th

8:00 Announcements/schedule overview, etc.

8:15-9:30 Video in the Classroom

Nearly all teachers use video clips to support content knowledge and provide students with different ways to view a concept.  This session will focus on three tools that allow you to do more with video in the classroom by creating a lesson around a video, embedding questions within the video, or creating an instructional video through screencasting.  You’ll choose the tool you find most intriguing and have time to practice using it. 

9:45-11:00 Tools to Support Special Needs & Gifted

A large variety of tools exist that especially support special needs students.  We’ll highlight a few and give you time to explore.  We’ll also take a look at tools that provide opportunities for enrichment to better support gifted learners.

12:15-1:30  Formative Assessment

This session will look at fun options for formative assessment – both high tech and low tech.  We’ll model the use of the tools and then help you set up accounts to begin using them in your own classes.

Click here for support on using Google Forms for data collection

1:45-3:00 Add-ons for Google Tools

This session will focus on some of the amazing add-ons available in Google Docs, Forms, Sheets, etc. that add a great deal of functionality to Google tools.  You’ll also have time to explore add-ons to support your content area.

3:00-3:30 Questions/Clarification/One-on-one

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