Online Professional Development Courses

The University of Idaho Doceo Center for Innovation + Learning offers online professional development courses to teachers, administrators, and curriculum and technology personnel.  These courses are intended to provide schools with quality professional development focused on technology and Idaho Core Standards integration. Since all professional development is delivered online, teachers from schools anywhere may participate in courses, and doing so will give participants access to valuable content and connections with experts. 

Courses can be accessed at the teacher's convenience for a one year period.  Each course consists of four modules with one assignment per module.  Doceo Center Technology Integration Specialists provide ongoing support via email or web conferencing. Teachers can obtain one University of Idaho continuing education credit per course completed ($60/credit).  Courses must be completed within the same semester for which you sign up for credit. 

 Courses for the 2018-2019 school year are as follows:

1. Getting Started with Chromebooks:  Learn about the differences between a Chromebook and a laptop, assistive technology & settings for special education, keyboard shortcuts, student accounts, app and extenstions, and more!

2. Google Apps-Basic: A close look at Google Docs, Forms, Sheets, and Presentations that covers collaborative uses, Google Drive, tools, add-ons and more!

3. Google Apps-Advanced: A close look at Google Sites, Calendars and Gmail for organizing course content and communicating with parents.

4. iPads in the Classroom: Useful tips and tricks, apps for teachers to support all content areas, content specific apps, assistive technology and settings for special education, etc. 

5. Universal Design for Learning: An overview of UDL principles and exploration of multiple tech tools to support each principle. 

6. Web 2.0 Resources-Elementary: Exploration of interactive tools to promote student creation that covers all curricular areas. 

7. Web 2.0 Resources-Secondary: Exploration of interactive tools to promote student creation across the content areas and for specific content areas. 

8. Interactives & Simulations: Expoloration of web-based simulations and interactives across the content areas and for specific content areas. 

Subscription Types: 

Teacher: This subscription is set up for individual teachers to take classes on their own.     Total cost=$150

School: This subscription allows up to 20 teachers and 2 support staff to take courses.   (Cost per teacher $100)   Total cost=$2,000

District: This subscription allows a district of up to 150 teachers & 10 support staff to take courses.  (Cost per teacher $75)  Total cost=$11,250

 *All scenarios are calculated on a cost-per-teacher basis, but rates vary depending upon the subscription type.




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