Open Textbooks for Idaho K-12 Schools: Request for Proposals

University of Idaho
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The Doceo Center for Innovation + Learning at the University of Idaho is pleased to announce that it is now accepting proposals from Idaho schools and districts interested in developing their own open textbooks.

Open textbooks are low-cost alternatives to traditional textbooks that can be freely and legally copied, printed, revised, adapted, and shared. Many open textbooks already exist on the internet, but it is sometimes difficult to find these textbooks, to ensure their quality, and to adapt them to local needs.

By submitting a proposal, an Idaho school or district administrator can let us know what is needed to address their local textbook needs. A complete proposal includes the following: 1) grade level of the textbook, 2) subject of the textbook, and 3) rationale for the textbook (especially needs).

If your proposal is accepted, then your proposed textbook will become a target textbook for the Doceo Center's summer Open Education Institute. In these institutes, we will bring teachers together from all over the state, place them in professional learning communities, and work to create the proposed textbooks. Participating teachers will be provided with food, lodging, and professional development credits for participation, and your school will receive up to 200 printed copies of your proposed textbook when completed.

Proposals will be accepted until February 28, 2015, and accepted proposals will be notified shortly thereafter.

If you have questions about this opportunity, please contact Dr. Royce Kimmons.

Proposals are now closed.

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