Faculty Fellows Program Blog Post Guidelines

University of Idaho

Blog posts should be roughly 800-1200 words and should integrate multi-modal component(s) (e.g., images, videos, soundclips, etc.). Blog posts should be in narrative format and written in a manner appropriate for K-12 faculty and/or administrative personnel. While not all posts have to revolve around the technology you receive, the first blog post must be about the technology you receive.

Post Frequency

  • No more than one blog post per month
  • Devices <$300: Less than six months for all blog posts
  • Devices >$300: All blog posts in one year

First Post

You should provide an explanation of how the device can be used for teaching or research in your subject area and might include:

  • The cost of the technology.
  • The grade level/subject area the post is applicable to.
  • How can you see yourself using this technology in your subject area?
  • What are the benefits of using this technology?
    • How is this technology applied or used within the teaching environment or in preparation for a teaching environment?
    • Is this tool better suited for preparing to teach or for student learning?
    • In what ways may this technology improve your teaching practices and/or student learning?
  • What are the potential risks or limitations of this technology?
    • What else is needed to use this technology?
    • What operating systems is it compatible with?
    • How might these limitations hinder it’s usability within a learning environment?

Future Posts

Future posts can continue to be about the same technology or can examine a new technology. Whenever a new technology is introduced, you should follow the guidelines for a first post. Other post ideas include:

  • Novel applications
  • Narrative/log of successes within the classroom
  • Narrative/log of how limitations have been faced

Uploading Images

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