2013-14 Report: Guiding Technology Integration in the State of Idaho

University of Idaho
Screenshot for 2013-14 Report: Guiding Technology Integration in the State of Idaho

With its first full-time staff members starting in June 2013, the Doceo Center for Innovation + Learning began its work to improve K-12 teaching and learning in Idaho during the 2013-2014 school year. This report highlights the Center’s efforts for its first academic year of operations, encompassing Fall 2013 and Spring 2014. In this year, the Doceo Center participated in a number of K-12 outreach, research, and university development activities and has produced a number of valuable outcomes focused on improving K-12 teaching and learning in the state of Idaho through effective technology integration.

Through K-12 outreach efforts, the Center has provided professional development and technology resources to many Idaho schools and has gained needed insights on the actual needs and capacities of schools necessary for developing and implementing effective interventions for improving K-12 technology integration via professional development.

In its research efforts, the Center has conducted various studies and presented and published findings in a number of prominent educational technology venues, including peer-reviewed journals and international conferences.

In its university development efforts, the Center has successfully created and established a technology innovation lab that will serve as a cutting edge and innovative collaborative digital learning space and has quickly become a leader both within the College of Education and at the University of Idaho in guiding effective technology integration efforts.

Through these efforts, the Center has gained wide attention from teachers, academics, and leaders at various levels, which put it squarely on the path for leading the University of Idaho College of Education toward becoming a national model for teacher education with technology.

This report provides an overview of activities and results from the Doceo Center’s first year of operations and is divided into five sections: Background, K-12 Outreach, Research, University Development, and Becoming a National Model.

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