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Select & Speak

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Select and Speak is a Chrome extension that is designed to allow users to select text to have it read aloud to them. The one additional set of features this extension has over other text to speech apps is that users may choose a language from a long list of languages to have text read accurately in the language that the text is written in. Also, users may modify the speed and voice that reads the text.


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EasyBib is an Add-on that allows you to create a Bibliography from within your Google Doc. You can cite books, journals, articles, websites--all from entering a title or URLs. MLA, APA, Chicago, and many other formats are available. For all grade levels.

UITPA Resources

When recording video for the UITPA, check the photo and camera settings on the device you are using to be sure that you are not recording in the highest quality setting.  Most devices will automatically default to the best HD setting.  If you record this video in high definition, the amount of time to download it from your device and upload it to Taskstream is excessive.

Web Browser Histories Open Dataset

University of Idaho
Screenshot for Web Browser Histories Open Dataset

This dataset includes web tracking data of teachers, teacher candidates, and K-12 students for the 2014-15 school year as well as information on top websites visited. The data set is released under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license and was collected with the permission of an established Institutional Review Board at a public research university in the United States. In order to maintain participant privacy, all data is anonymized and only de-identified user aggregations are provided.

Tools for Bookmarking and Organizing Research

University of Idaho

One of the fundamental skills students learn throughout their schooling is the ability to utilize the internet to research. Many times, however, keeping track of the results can be unwieldy and it becomes a challenge to sift through saved results. The following six tools, all offering different features, are tools that can make researching and organizing that research a bit easier. 

Setting up a Swivl and iPad Mini Combo

This video walks you through the basics of setting up a Swivl with an iPad mini.

A Swivl will allow a recording device to follow you around the classroom, and an iPad Mini can be set to record video and display the recording so that you can see it across the classroom. Together, the Swivl and iPad Mini can be a great combo for teachers to record their practice for sharing and feedback.

Recorded with Google Glass.

Faculty Fellows Program Blog Post Guidelines

University of Idaho

Blog posts should be roughly 800-1200 words and should integrate multi-modal component(s) (e.g., images, videos, soundclips, etc.). Blog posts should be in narrative format and written in a manner appropriate for K-12 faculty and/or administrative personnel. While not all posts have to revolve around the technology you receive, the first blog post must be about the technology you receive.

Idaho State Department of Education - Statistics - Test Reports

Screenshot for Idaho State Department of Education - Statistics - Test Reports
The Idaho State Department of Education provides a variety of data sources on test reports that can be useful for supporting research and teaching and learning.


Screenshot for Dedoose
This web-based application is designed to support quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods approaches to data analysis.
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