Middle (6-8)


Screenshot for Airpano

Airpano is an incredible tool.  You can use it in the classroom for all kinds of things.  There are visual and video resources for: tours around the world, phenomenons in nature, and insights into the outside world that we cannot physically travel to for the classroom setting. Airpano takes you on drone led tours, tour, offering 360-degree views of over 2,000 around the world.  And it’s free.


Screenshot for Nova

Nova is a very popular science television series produced by PBS.  The great thing about this website is that there is a vast library of their shows.  You can search according to subject.  Video series like Nova explain science in an exciting way that includes visual and auditory means of representation.  It is also high-tech for those students who like to access curriculum through technology.


Screenshot for Socrative

Socrative is a great tool for the classroom and it’s a virtual way for teacher’s to have students take quizes, tests, polls, or anything that requires an answer. The teacher can view the students, but the students can only see it as anonymous.

History Tech

Screenshot for History Tech

History Tech is a great website that provides teachers with resources for social studies. These resources are mostly websites but the content range varies depending on the site. Topics covered include history, government, technology, etc.


Screenshot for MathBits

MathBits is a creative collection of over 560 printable and multimedia materials to be used with students from Grade 6 to Grade 8 studying junior level mathematics as it relates to the Common Core State Standards. Great care is taken to ensure that each lesson aligns with the CCSS domains. While not every lesson will address each standard independently, it does address them collectively.


Screenshot for Merlot

Merlot is a valuable resource for any subject matter and age range. It has links and descriptions to an enormous variety of free resources, which can be narrowed down both by searching keywords and types (i.e. simulations, collections, assessments). These include lesson plans, online courses, drills and practices, and even apps.


Screenshot for Wonderopolis

Wonderopolis is a question-asking website that will engage all curious minds! They have “wonders of the day” where they explore a topic in a variety of different ways. Students can also search any questions they have or, if they have a question that has not been explored on Wonderopolis, they can submit it themselves and get an answer written to them!


Screenshot for Illumination

The tumblebook library has tumblebooks that include music, animation, sound that creates an electronic picture book.  It is a great tool for younger elementary children because literature is such an intrical part of any lesson for elementary students.


Screenshot for Wordle

Wordle allows teachers to create a word cloud. This can be a great way to highlight words that appear frequently in a text. It could also be used to showcase synonyms and meanings of words. This website  could also be used to showcase values that a class thinks are important to have in the classroom.

270 to win

Screenshot for 270 to win

This website provides an interactive map to learn about the impact of the electoral college in elections. Students can predict elections and go back and look at electoral votes from the past. It’s a great tool for teaching about the electoral college and allows the students to engage in the process.


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