Middle (6-8)


Screenshot for A.nnotate

A.nnotate is a free online tool that allows collaborative annotating of documents and images. Annotations can appear on the page or in the margins. Notes are indexed and searchable. You can set a document to private or share with others. For all grade levels.


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Ponder is a browser add-on and app that allows you to create "micro reading responses" anywhere on the web and measures reading activity. Teachers can set up a class and assign readings and students can identify challenging passages and share their reflections with classmates. For all grade levels.


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Curriculet is a free digital reading platform. Teachers can enrich reading by embedding questions, quizzes, and media. Texts are available in the book room and public domain, or you can use an article from the internet or upload your own text. Also allows tracking of common core literacy standards. For all grade levels.

Actively Learn

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Actively Learn is a free online e-reader that allows teachers to add content such as questions, images, and videos to a text to help guide the reading. Choose from hundreds of public domain texts, use internet articles, or upload your own text. Also have access to embedded common core aligned questions and multimedia. Also allows you to assess and analyze data.


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Rewordify is a free online software that simplifies a text. Paste text into the box and click "rewordify text". The difficult words are replaced with easier words and highlighted. You can hover over the highlighting to see the original words. Rewordify also provides a reading level for the text, lets you choose from six different rewording levels, and has settings that allow you to manipulate how the highlighting appears. You can also save and share the results. This software includes tools that help with learning the difficult words that were replaced.

Utilizing Student-Owned Devices

University of Idaho

Students are accustomed to having nearly constant access to digital devices outside of the classroom, so why not find ways to incorporate the use of student-owned devices inside the classroom? Here are three possibilities to assist teachers with integrating student-owned devices to enhance lessons, increase communication, and engage students:


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Scratch is a programming language and online community where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations -- and share your creations with others around the world. In the process of designing and programming Scratch projects, young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively. For K to 5.

Scratch Literature Review


Screenshot for ZooTeach

Find high quality lesson plans and resources to support the Zooniverse citizens science projects which enable teachers to bring real science into that classroom and have students get involved with collecting data. To get started, create a free account by clicking "Sign Up." Live projects include Ancient Lives, CycloneCenter.org, planethunters.org, The Milky Way Project, Moon Zoo, Galaxy Zoo Hubble, Old Weather, and Solar Stormwatch. For all grade levels.

Cassiopeia Project

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A collection of science education videos intended to generate student interest in science. Video resources are organized by the following courses: Bang to Man, Code for Life, General Science, Relativity, Biology, Complexity, Physics, Space, Chemistry, Evolution, Quantum Mechanics, and Standard Model. For grades 6 to 12.

TEACH Engineering Resources for K-12

Screenshot for TEACH Engineering Resources for K-12

A free searchable digital library collection of resources for teaching engineering in k-12. Includes standards-based activities, lessons, and units.


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