Middle (6-8)

Natural Reader

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NaturalReader is a Text to Speech software with natural sounding voices. This easy to use software can convert any written text such as MS Word, Webpage, PDF files, and Emails into spoken words. NaturalReader can also convert any written text into audio files such as MP3 or WAV for your CD player or iPod. 

Google Transform '16

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Google Tools for Transformational Change is a single day event that will bring together a group of experienced educators to share best practices on how Google Tools may be leveraged to effect transformational change in classrooms.

Registration is open to all current K-12 teachers in Idaho, and professional development credits are available (with PD scholarships available for University of Idaho alumni and students).

We're bringing together a great group of dynamic presenters to lead some great sessions on Google Tools, so join us, and get excited about the possibilities!

60second Recap

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60second Recap is a great way to get teens excited about reading.  The site includes over 250 book review videos, about 40 recap study guide videos, and a resource page for teens. For grades 6 to 12.

EDISON Cloud Take II

University of Idaho

Edison Cloud – Implementation

Here is a reminder about what Edison-Cloud is from DesignSoft:  EDISON Cloud version is a unique new learning environment for electricity and electronics. Teachers and students can use multimedia screens, virtual instruments, sound, and animation to create, test, and safely repair circuits. Lifelike 3D components will captivate the students as they build circuits and simultaneously see the corresponding circuit schematic.

NaturalReader: Text to Speech

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A Chrome App for listening to pdf's, word documents, ebooks, or web pages.  Choose from over 30 natural-sounding voices in seven languages and adjust speaking speed. This easy to use software can convert any written text such as MS Word, Webpage, PDF files, and Emails into spoken words.

Read & Write for Google

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This Chrome extension enables text to speech and other amazing tools for a google doc, website, or pdf.  Includes highlighting words as it reads, text and picture dictionary, translation, word prediction, and highlighting tools. For all grade levels. 


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StoryJumper is a creativity tool for students to publish and read stories.  Create a free teacher account and add and manage student accounts.  Create lessons, comment on student creations, and create class collections.  Share with parents by emailing a home access code or printing. For grades K to 8. 

Little Bird Tales

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Create a free digital story by incorporating photos, videos, text, and voice recording.  You can also create or upload your own artwork.  Includes hundreds of lessons tied to common core standards which teachers can utilize.  Share via email.  Also available as an iPad app. For grades 6 to 12.

Pirate Pad

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Free, collaborative, real-time writing tool.  Invite others via link or email or provide a read-only link.  Can attach files, choose authorship colors, and chat. For grades 6 to 12.


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This blogging tool was built by teachers to provide safe and simple blogging for students.  A free account allows a creation of unlimited class accounts with 50 student accounts per class. For all grade levels.


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