Secondary (9-12)


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For Free

MuseScore: Create, play, print beautiful sheet music and easy to use.





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NoteFlight: Create and use music notation on any device, easy to use.

Sibelius First

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Sibelius First: Make it easy for everyone to write music easily.  

Finale NotePad

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For Free

Finale NotePad: handles instrument transposition, clefs, key signatures, and more, freeing you to explore the creative process.

Finale Printmusic

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Finale Printmusi: Create professional-looking sheet music, easy to use and fun to learn.



Screenshot for Finale

Music software for compose, arrange, teach, share.


Screenshot for Sibelius

Tool to write music: compose, arrange, and deliver.

Teach Ag

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Lesson plans, games, and activities to support Agriculture Education.

Practical Money Skills

Screenshot for Practical Money Skills

Practical Money Skills is a website for educators that offers free lesson plans, financial games, and curriculum about financial literacy. For grades 9 and up.


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