Secondary (9-12)

Idaho Agriculture in the Classroom

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Idaho Agriculture in the Classroom offers teachers curriculum resources, tours, and workshops to support lesson planning. For grades 9 to 12.

ACTE YouTube Channel

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ACTE offers a YouTube channel with a wide array of videos supporting STEM, US army, Cyber Safety, and many more. For grades 9 and up.

The Association for Career & Technical Education

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The ACTE website allows educators to filter by subject and grade level to locate lesson plans. For grades 9 and up.

Career Tech

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Career Tech is a Wiki page that offers many technology resources listed by CTE subject area. For grades 9 and up.

Hudl Technique

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Hudl Technique is a cross-platform app that allows coaches to use video recordings to give more effective feedback and compare former recordings to newer ones to track progress in student athlete's skills in a specific sport. For grades 6 and up.


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iPhys-ed is a website created by a PE specialist for PE teachers and coaches. He has won awards for the postings and videos he has produced promoting the integration of technology. Under Blogs and Resources are many postings and videos listing apps and approaches to exercises and activities using technology in effective ways that students and athletes like. For all grade levels.

BookTrack Classroom

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BookTrack Classroom adds contextual tracks to text to enhance the reading experience both in pleasure and comprehension. Teachers can create classes on the site where students may upload their own writing and set it to music and sounds they feel match the content of their text. For all grade levels.

Open Science Textbooks Institute


This summer institute was funded by the Idaho State Department of Education and hosted by University of Idaho College of Education Doceo Center for Innovation + Learning.


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ReadWorks is a free site that supports readings skills & literacy growth for all grade levels. On the site teachers will find, passages (literary and nonfiction) that are searchable and leveled paired with questions crafted based on current evidence-based methods, common core aligned lessons, and novel study units with ancillary materials and Comprehension Units that offer read aloud as well as paired text passages, and more.  For all grade levels.


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Readability is a Chrome extension that improves the readability of text on web pages through features that permit users to remove clutter on busy web pages. Also, it provides the option to save articles for later reading and the ability to change font size and color to improve the ability to read digital text. For all grade levels.


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