Grade Levels

Cool Math Games

Screenshot for Cool Math Games

Students can play a variety of games that introduce and review content areas.

BioDigital Human

Screenshot for BioDigital Human


Allows you to view different systems in the human body in layers.


Screenshot for Flocabulary

A website that provides all kinds of videos of raps that are about content vocabulary.

Random Name Picker

Screenshot for Random Name Picker


Choose a random name from your class list of students, appears as a spinning wheel.

Google Street View

Screenshot for Google Street View

Lets you explore places in 360 view, can also create your own 360 pictures and post.


Screenshot for MagicScore

MagicScore: Esay and powerful music notation and composition softwer. Compose, print, arrange.





Screenshot for MuseScore

For Free

MuseScore: Create, play, print beautiful sheet music and easy to use.





Screenshot for NoteFlight

NoteFlight: Create and use music notation on any device, easy to use.

Finale NotePad

Screenshot for Finale NotePad

For Free

Finale NotePad: handles instrument transposition, clefs, key signatures, and more, freeing you to explore the creative process.

Finale Printmusic

Screenshot for Finale Printmusic

Finale Printmusi: Create professional-looking sheet music, easy to use and fun to learn.



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