Grade Levels


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Music software for compose, arrange, teach, share.

New Google Forms

This video walk-through will show you how to use the new Google Forms & show you some ideas for classroom applications.



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ClassTools is a collection of interactives based mostly on extension of lessons taught. Make-it-yourself activities of all sorts such as timelines, diagrams, fakebooks for historical figures, to treasure hunts based on google maps, there are many playful activities and games to extend learning on lessons already taught. For all grade levels.

Santillana Plaza: Spanish Classroom Blog

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This site collects best practices from veteran teachers and posts them. Filters allow you to select grade levels, K-12. Articles, strategies, suggested readings, and more are avaialable here. Also, previous blogs are archived and kept available for scanning for specific resources. For all grade levels.

Lone Star College Biology Animations

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Lone Star College collected educational videos for a wide range of Biology topics that are further broken down by topic: biology, chemistry, biochemistry, cellular structure, and function, etc. Audiences best suited for the videos are 2nd grade on up to post secondary.

My American Farm

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My American Farm is a web resource designed to educate students on agricultural awareness, where food comes from and how it gets to their plates. There are free games and educational resources such as lesson plans, videos, and activity sheets. The games are interactive with mini video lessons embedded in some. The content range is K-12 and can be filtered to narrow your search.  For all grade levels. 


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