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Annenberg Learner

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Annenberg Learner is a great resource for a variety of teaching subjects and lesson plans regarding science.  Teachers can use the videos, lessons, projects, and experiment ideas in their classroom.

Known Stream: 16 Online Tools to Making Your Wrting Better

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Known Stream is a blog site and in this blog, Erin Richey highlights 16 online tools to aid writers and wield their keyboards more effectively. The sites/apps vary in their focus and tools they offer. For all grade levels.

Mississippi Foreign Language Association

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The Mississippi Foreign Language Association has a database of other online sites with useful collections of digital resources for foreign language some of which is interactive web 2.0 and lesson plans. For all grade levels.

Free Technology 4 Teachers

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Richard Byrne, a blogger dedicated to the pursuit of posting free technology resources, has amassed many wonderful resources based on devices and web-based software tutorials with good detail describing what each offers. This particular posting lists 11 online resources, mostly for foreign language and a few for ESL/EFL as well. For all grade levels.

National Geographic: Agriculture

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National Geographic's education website is a varied resource offering detailed lesson plans, teacher guides, videos, interactive globe, a map building feature online and downloadable, and much more. The resources range from Pre-K to post-secondary content. All of it is also a free resource. For all grade levels. 

My American Farm

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My American Farm is a web resource designed to educate students on agricultural awareness, where food comes from and how it gets to their plates. There are free games and educational resources such as lesson plans, videos, and activity sheets. The games are interactive with mini video lessons embedded in some. The content range is K-12 and can be filtered to narrow your search.  For all grade levels. 

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