Jeopardy Lab

Screenshot for Jeopardy Lab

Allows you to make new jeopardy or to use an already made jeopardy game.  


Screenshot for TeacherTube


Much like youtube, this tool lets you upload, view, and share educational video.

Random Name Picker

Screenshot for Random Name Picker


Choose a random name from your class list of students, appears as a spinning wheel.

Google Street View

Screenshot for Google Street View

Lets you explore places in 360 view, can also create your own 360 pictures and post.

Practical Money Skills

Screenshot for Practical Money Skills

Practical Money Skills is a website for educators that offers free lesson plans, financial games, and curriculum about financial literacy. For grades 9 and up.

Building Big

Screenshot for Building Big

PBS's Building Big explores large structures and what it takes to build them. The site also includes interactive labs and educator's guides. For grades 9 and up.

The Greatest Engineering Achievments

Screenshot for The Greatest Engineering Achievments

Through The Greatest Engineering Achievements, students can explore a list of the top 20 achievements and learn how engineering shaped our world. For grades 9 and up.

The Actuarial Foundation

Screenshot for The Actuarial Foundation

Through the Actuarial Foundation's Plan, Save, Succeed program students will understand how a budget is created and how it can support good financial decision-making. Students will learn that mastery of fractions, decimals and percentages can help address real-world situations. Students will begin to consider the role that saving plays in financial planning. For grades 9 and up.

Compare Cards Education

Screenshot for Compare Cards Education

CompareCards's Student Education Center offers downloadable lesson plans for 1st graders through high school students about building credit and investing. For all grade levels.

Teach Engineering: curriculum for K-12 teachers

Screenshot for Teach Engineering: curriculum for K-12 teachers

Teach Engineering offers a database of standards-based lessons and activities focused on teaching the fundamentals of engineering. For all grade levels. 


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