Foreign Language

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An educational website from Canada's National Arts Centre. Learn about orchestral music, musicians, composers, and conductors; English and French Theatre; and dance. Includes pages for students, teachers, and parents. For all grade levels.


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Type in a word to hear how it is pronounced. Over 2 million words and 300 languages. Students can hear proper pronunciation of unfamiliar words. Very helpful for students learning a foreign language. For all grade levels.

Teaching Channel

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Videos of innovative teaching practices from teachers across the country. Browse by subject, grade, or topics. For all grade levels. For all grade levels.

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Type in a verb to conjugate in one click. Conjugates over 15,000 verbs in English. Will also translate verbs into many languages. For all grade levels.


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Brainly is a social learning network (like an open study room) where students can go for help or to tutor others. As students help others, they can be awarded with badges and achievements, which help to make the experience fun and rewarding. For all grade levels.


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