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Duolingo is a web-based program also available as an IOS app that teaches languages through mini-lessons designed to motivate students to grow through races and earning points for correct answers. What is nice about this program is that the base language can be changed from English to another such as Spanish to teach English. For all grade levels.


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Babbel is a web-based language learning program that will assess your language level and then based on the results, take you through lessons to improve your understanding of a language, and it's free. The premium level provides more but the free version still serves as a good refresher or study guide. There are also apps for iPhones, iPads, and Androids. For all grade levels.


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Have you ever wished you could take your students on a tour of some far away place? With Airpano, you can tour, drone style, 360-degree views of over 2,000 places all over the world for free. For all grade levels. 


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Thinglink is an interactive that lets you create interactive images to load on blogs, sites, forms, etc. Students can diagram cells, add locations to maps, define aspects of famous artifacts such as the Declaration of Independence. Teachers load the images and the students can complete it with more images, texts, audio or video files and share it. For all grade levels.


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Quizlet offers free online flashcards, games, and quizzes aimed to help students study. Students/teachers can make their own, share, or borrow what others have made all for free. You can add images like maps or audio recordings to enhance the cards/quizzes/games. Teachers can also track the progress of their students. For all grade levels.

Illinois Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

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The Illinois Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language provides links to resources specific to language classroom context, the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages and te Central States Conference on the Teaching fo Foreign Language. For all grade levels.

Educause Review

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Educause Review is a higher education online journal for IT applications in higher education. In this article, "Using Mobile Learning Resources in foreign Language Instruction", is data results showing teachers and students' interest in integrating technology in the language classroom environment. Also, there are useful digital resources suggested near the bottom of the article. For all grade levels.

Santillana Plaza: Spanish Classroom Blog

Screenshot for Santillana Plaza: Spanish Classroom Blog

This site collects best practices from veteran teachers and posts them. Filters allow you to select grade levels, K-12. Articles, strategies, suggested readings, and more are avaialable here. Also, previous blogs are archived and kept available for scanning for specific resources. For all grade levels.

Mississippi Foreign Language Association

Screenshot for Mississippi Foreign Language Association

The Mississippi Foreign Language Association has a database of other online sites with useful collections of digital resources for foreign language some of which is interactive web 2.0 and lesson plans. For all grade levels.

FL Teach: Foreign Language Teaching Forum

Screenshot for FL Teach: Foreign Language Teaching Forum

FL Teach is a site designed by Foreign Language teachers aimed to collect online resources batched according to an application, as well as language. There are also some ESL resources too. The languages supported are wide ranging from the commonly taught Spanish and French to less often available courses like Portuguese. For all grade levels.


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