Math Open Reference

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An open reference math textbook that uses interactive tools and animations to engage students.  Common core aligned.  Includes plane geometry, coordinate geometry, solid geometry, trigonometry, and calculus. For grades 6 and up.

Kids' Zone Create a Graph

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Simple graph making tool.  Select a design, enter data, label, preview, print, and save.  Help and examples tabs and tutorial available. For all grade levels.

Illuminations: Resources for Teaching Math

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Designed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), this website includes over 100 virtual manipulatives, applets, and games for teaching and learning math.  Also, includes over 600 lesson plans. For all grades.

Math Pickle

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Based on the idea of making the k-12 math classroom hard fun, this site offers videos, resources, and games to support math learning. Problems are truly challenging, much more so than drill and skill games.  Sort by grade or skill. For all grade levels.

A+ Click Math and Logic Problems

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This collection of math and logic problems will assist students with developing logical reasoning and problem-solving skills.  Sort by grade and topic.  Questions are based on Common Core Math problems. All grade levels.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

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Free virtual manipulatives for math.  Click on the provided chart to sort by grade levels and categories.  Must have Java to run.  For all grade levels.

PhET Interactive Simulations

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Fun, interactive, research-based simulations to support learning in Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Math.  All simulations have been tested and rated.  Must have Flash and Java installed to run.  Can view by category and sub-categories or by grade level. For all grade levels.

Hooda Math

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Math skills-building games for kindergarten through high school.  Search by grade level, math subject, or category.  Also available for iPad, Kindle Fire, and Chrome Web Store. For all grade levels.

Internet4Classrooms: Grade Level Help

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Interactive language arts (common core aligned), math, and social studies activities to reinforce skills.  Organized by grade level and skill categories.  Each skill builders page provides multiple links to interactive resources for students.   For all grade levels.

Utilizing Student-Owned Devices

University of Idaho

Students are accustomed to having nearly constant access to digital devices outside of the classroom, so why not find ways to incorporate the use of student-owned devices inside the classroom? Here are three possibilities to assist teachers with integrating student-owned devices to enhance lessons, increase communication, and engage students:


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