Screenshot for Conjuguemos

Practice verb conjugations in all tenses and moods and practice vocabulary and grammar.

White Smoke

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This tool corrects your grammar, spelling,edits your writing, and will give you feedback.

Grammar Fun Free

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The app is useful for children to get which part of speech easy words are.  Easy to use and fun for kids! It gives a sentence and the students have to choose what part of speech a word is.


Screenshot for Prodigy


A free math game for grades 1-7. It is in video game format, making it fun and game-like for students. Students complete math questions to level up and defeat the antagonist of the game. All of the problems fall under common core standards.

Smithsonian Education Lab

Screenshot for Smithsonian Education Lab


Has resources like lesson plans for teachers and virtual tours of the smithsonian's latest exhibits.


Screenshot for Voyant


Voyant is a distance reading tool for text mining. It can help analyze a single text or multiple texts (corpus).  

Math Games

Screenshot for Math Games

This website offers a variety of educational games that are themed after PBS children’s TV shows. There is a wide range to topics including math, music, art, feelings, etc. There are also several apps available as well.

Direct Measurement Videos

Screenshot for Direct Measurement Videos


Virtual Physics Lab, using video and sound data to observe and measure interesting scenarios.

Jeopardy Lab

Screenshot for Jeopardy Lab

Allows you to make new jeopardy or to use an already made jeopardy game.  


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