VISUWORDS online graphical dictionary

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This easy to use tool can assist students to not only understand word meaning but also helps to visualize the connections between words. For all grade levels.


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Pluralsight provides a variety of skills tests for evaluating proficiencies in math, science, technology, grammar, and other subjects. After taking a skills test, you can see how your skills stack up against others and share your scores via social media. For grades 9-12.


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Brainly is a social learning network (like an open study room) where students can go for help or to tutor others. As students help others, they can be awarded with badges and achievements, which help to make the experience fun and rewarding. For all grade levels.

NASA Education for Educators

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Find teaching materials, eClip educational videos, NASA Education Television, NASA Apps, NASA e-Books and educational opportunities for teachers. For all grade levels.

Splash Math Apps K-5

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Math workbook apps for grades K-5 and summer review. Fun games to improve math scores. Weekly reports to track progress. For grades k to 5.


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