Charms Office Assistant

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The premiere management, communication, assessment, and financial system used by successful programs everywhere.

Smart Music

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SmartMusic is a web-based music education platform that connects teachers and students. Teachers have access to an unrivaled library of music from which to create individualized assignments for every student. Students receive immediate feedback as they practice each assignment. Their best performances are then sent back to the teacher for grading and additional guidance. SmartMusic transforms student practice from passive repetition to active learning.

Sight Reading Factory

Screenshot for Sight Reading Factory makes practicing the important skill of sight reading easy, effective and fun! This cloud-based service allows you to customize and generate unlimited sight reading examples instantly, on-demand for music educators, students and hobbyists of all ages and abilities.

Sight Reading Factory can be used on virtually any device through the web browser or with our free native app for iOS devices.


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Musictheory: explore our free online content and learn about our premium.

Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory

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There are diffrent category in Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory that you can use: General Theory Books - General Theory Software - Jazz Theory Books - Orchestration & Notation - Additional Teaching Resources

Music Ace Maestro

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Music Ace Maestro combines all 48 lessons from Music Ace and Music Ace 2 with Maestro Manager a suite of educator-focused student assessment and curriculum management tools.


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With 43 topics and endless customisation Auralia is the most comprehensive ear training software available. All the fundamentals are covered; pitch, intervals, chords, scales, tuning and rhythm. Progress through cadences, rhythm dictation, harmony, jazz progressions and melodic transcription!


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Music theory software, suitable for students of all ages and levels. Become an expert at reading sheet music, recognising time signatures, notating rhythms, understanding intervals, matching keys signatures and more.


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Providing complete fingerings for most every instrument, and the concert pitch via music notation or piano keyboard.


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