Merlot II

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Merlot II is a site with a collection of free online simulations, interactives, games, and lessons, many of which are innovative approaches to teaching abstract and complex concepts. Locating these free services, however, is a journey.


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Easy comic-creating tool.  ToonDoo was created as a new way of expression for those who don't know how to draw.  Create free comic strips by dragging and dropping or clicking. For all grade levels. 

CAST UDL Book Builder

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Use this site to create, share, publish, and read digital books that engage and support diverse learners according to their individual needs, interests, and skills. For all grade levels. 


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iOS’s GarageBand allows users to play, mix, and record songs. You can share them with just a few taps to others across the world. GarageBand allows you to plug in your own instrument or use one of the Touch Instruments that are built right in. After you record music, you can easily fine-tune and mix your recording to create a finished song. Built songs can combine up to 32 different tracks.  For grades 6 and up.


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50,000 free educational videos that have been categorized and rated for K-12 education.  Use the directory or search for videos by subject and age level. For all grade levels. 

Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids

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The Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids website is an excellent resource for games, activities, listening opportunities, lesson plans, and other teacher resources. The "Listen" option of the website allows users to listen to a variety of instruments and composers and gives a snippet of information about each one. Each of the games on the website either asks the player to apply their music knowledge, which can be aquired through the website, or teaches them new knowledge as they play the game.  For all grade levels.

Experience Music Project

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Seattle's EMP, formerly known as the Experience Music Project, is a museum in Seattle dedicated to contemporary popular culture. It houses exhibits, sound sculptures, activity stations, and other educational resources. The online EMP website provides many resources for educators including lesson plans, curriculum connections, and oral history resources.  For all grade levels.

Making Music Fun

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Making Music Fun is a great resource for both teachers and students to explore music and music history. There are printable sheet music, composer worksheets, award certificates, music theory worksheets, and more. There is also a library with free music lesson plans and other resources, such as background information about composers and the orchestra.  For all grade levels.

Carnegie Hall's "The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra"

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Carnegie Hall's "The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra" by Benjamin Button is a guide for children to learn about the history of the orchestra. Kids play a game that takes them through an adventure to find instruments and bring them back to the stage by reading through the animated book to learn details about the orchestra and specifics about instruments.  For all grade levels.

New York Philharmonic Kid Zone

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New York Philharmonic Kid Zone is a free online website that allows for kids to learn about instruments and composers, compose music, and play other music-related games. Users can play with different instruments, such as the sheng, bow, trumpet, and bassoon, or create their own instrument. The NYP Kid Zone is a good place for students to explore the history of music and to create their own. For all grade levels.


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