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iPhys-ed is a website created by a PE specialist for PE teachers and coaches. He has won awards for the postings and videos he has produced promoting the integration of technology. Under Blogs and Resources are many postings and videos listing apps and approaches to exercises and activities using technology in effective ways that students and athletes like. For all grade levels.

The Physical Education Teacher

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The PE Teacher is a blog by Dylan Blain who is a PE teacher who posts about technologies he likes integrating into his class activities for the purpose of students tracking skills and growth.


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With the Hopscotch iOS app, coding is made easier. No typing or tricky syntax. Just drag blocks of code with your finger and play with what you make instantly. Also, users can make many things like their own games such as a new version of Geometry Dash, or a journey to outer space, create digital art. The possibilities are limitless. For grades 6 and up.

My American Farm

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My American Farm is a web resource designed to educate students on agricultural awareness, where food comes from and how it gets to their plates. There are free games and educational resources such as lesson plans, videos, and activity sheets. The games are interactive with mini video lessons embedded in some. The content range is K-12 and can be filtered to narrow your search.  For all grade levels. 


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50,000 free educational videos that have been categorized and rated for K-12 education.  Use the directory or search for videos by subject and age level. For all grade levels. 

National PE Institute Videos

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The National Physical Education Institute website's Videos section provides mini-talks on how to be an effective physical education teacher.

Using iPads in Physical Education

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This page provides an overview of how to use iPads to support physical education along with a list of apps with summaries.

Coach Tracy Nelson's Activities Page

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Tracy Nelson's Activities Page provides dozens of Physical Education activities for teachers to complete with their students. For all grade levels.

KidsHealth in the Classroom

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KidsHealth in the Classroom provides a variety of lesson plans, activities, and quizzes related to health education and that are aligned with national health education standards. For all grade levels.


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