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Screenshot for SpicyNodes

SpicyNodes is a web-based tool that promotes understanding in a logical, visual way through interactive, 21st Century graphic organizers. Begin with an outline of information with images, website links, etc. and allow SpicyNodes to create an interactive map of that information. For all grade levels.


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WordHippo, an online dictionary designed for elementary students, is more than a dictionary - featuring rhyming words, example sentences, pronunciation, translations, etc. For K to grade 8.



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Shmoop is a literary site flush with study guides and more, written and managed by graduate level English students whose focus is making core curriculum available to all learning levels with a comical flair. For all grade levels.


Screenshot for Airpano

Have you ever wished you could take your students on a tour of some far away place? With Airpano, you can tour, drone style, 360-degree views of over 2,000 places all over the world for free. For all grade levels. 


Screenshot for ClassTools

ClassTools is a collection of interactives based mostly on extension of lessons taught. Make-it-yourself activities of all sorts such as timelines, diagrams, fakebooks for historical figures, to treasure hunts based on google maps, there are many playful activities and games to extend learning on lessons already taught. For all grade levels.

Known Stream: 16 Online Tools to Making Your Wrting Better

Screenshot for Known Stream: 16 Online Tools to Making Your Wrting Better

Known Stream is a blog site and in this blog, Erin Richey highlights 16 online tools to aid writers and wield their keyboards more effectively. The sites/apps vary in their focus and tools they offer. For all grade levels.


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