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Poetry Idea Engine

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Introduce students to haiku, limerick, cinquain, or free verse through this interactive site.  Students can learn the different types of poetry and click word choices to create a printable poem. For grades K to 5. 


Screenshot for RhymeZone

Type in a word and generate a list of rhymes, near-rhymes, synonyms, antonyms, definitions, homophones, and more.  You can even search for poems or quotations that include the word. For all grade levels. 


Screenshot for Pinball

Pinball includes six fun tools for generating ideas.  Click the "About" button below each tool to learn how to use it.  Each tool includes a step-by-step guide.  Includes Dot Dash (an idea mapping tool), Drop Zone (for narrowing and sorting ideas), Snap Shot (for manipulating images), Wild Reels (mix up ideas to create a storyline or script), Live Wire (for planning an essay or storyboarding), and Curve Ball (generates unexpected ideas from your ideas to help you get creative). For all grade levels. 

Wikispaces Classroom

Screenshot for Wikispaces Classroom

Wikispaces Classroom is designed to remove all the frustrations of using technology to support learning.  It's a free, collaborative, private social environment where teachers can create assignments; post resources, content, announcements, and tools; monitor student work with real-time formative assessment; and provide feedback.  For grades 6 and up.


Screenshot for SpiderScribe

This online mind mapping and brainstorming app allows you to insert text, images, files, calendar events, and geographic locations.  Maps can be set to private or public.  Also, enables embedding to web page. For all grade levels.


Screenshot for PicLits

This creative writing site allows you to choose a picture and drag and drop words that capture the story of the picture.  Great creativity exercise for students to inspire story or poetry starters.  For grades 6 to 12.

Magnetic Poetry

Screenshot for Magnetic Poetry

Play magnetic poetry online by clicking and dragging from lists of words to make poems and share with friends.  For all grade levels. 


Screenshot for XMind

XMind is a free, easy to use mind mapping tool.  Requires download.  Can set maps to public, unlisted, or private. For grades 9 and up.

Open Yale Courses

Screenshot for Open Yale Courses

Open Yale Courses provides free introductory courses taught by distinguished teachers and scholars at Yale University. The courses are fully developed courses with lessons for a whole course and video lectures accompanying the lessons. A wide variety of topics are covered spanning from English to Art to Science. 


Screenshot for GrammarCheck

This free online proofreading tool give you a report with color-coded suggestions for spelling, grammar, and style in seconds.


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