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Have you ever wished you could take your students on a tour of some far away place? With Airpano, you can tour, drone style, 360-degree views of over 2,000 places all over the world for free. For all grade levels. 


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ClassTools is a collection of interactives based mostly on extension of lessons taught. Make-it-yourself activities of all sorts such as timelines, diagrams, fakebooks for historical figures, to treasure hunts based on google maps, there are many playful activities and games to extend learning on lessons already taught. For all grade levels.

Known Stream: 16 Online Tools to Making Your Wrting Better

Screenshot for Known Stream: 16 Online Tools to Making Your Wrting Better

Known Stream is a blog site and in this blog, Erin Richey highlights 16 online tools to aid writers and wield their keyboards more effectively. The sites/apps vary in their focus and tools they offer. For all grade levels.

Annenberg Learner: teacher resources and PD across the curriculum

Screenshot for Annenberg Learner: teacher resources and PD across the curriculum

The Annenberg Learner site is a collection of over 400 resources ranging from lesson plans, videos, professional development opportunities to online interactives for students and teachers alike. The inventory can be filtered by grade level, K-12, and subject: math, science, social studies, language arts/literature, arts, and foreign language. The lesson plans are not overly detailed and are standards-based. For all grade levels. 

My American Farm

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My American Farm is a web resource designed to educate students on agricultural awareness, where food comes from and how it gets to their plates. There are free games and educational resources such as lesson plans, videos, and activity sheets. The games are interactive with mini video lessons embedded in some. The content range is K-12 and can be filtered to narrow your search.  For all grade levels. 

60second Recap

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60second Recap is a great way to get teens excited about reading.  The site includes over 250 book review videos, about 40 recap study guide videos, and a resource page for teens. For grades 6 to 12.

Read & Write for Google

Screenshot for Read & Write for Google

This Chrome extension enables text to speech and other amazing tools for a google doc, website, or pdf.  Includes highlighting words as it reads, text and picture dictionary, translation, word prediction, and highlighting tools. For all grade levels. 


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