Science of Cooking

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In the Science of Cooking, students will find recipes, activities, and webcasts focused on educating them on the science behind their ingredients and recipes that make their dishes tasty. For grades 9 and up.

Science of Soil

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From the Ground Up: science of soil is a joint project implemented by Nutrients for Life Foundation and Discovery Education. This site provides resources for parents and teachers alike. There are interactive lessons, virtual tours, and topics worth exploring such as sustainability. For grades 9 to 12.

Open Science Textbooks Institute


This summer institute was funded by the Idaho State Department of Education and hosted by University of Idaho College of Education Doceo Center for Innovation + Learning.


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ReadWorks is a free site that supports readings skills & literacy growth for all grade levels. On the site teachers will find, passages (literary and nonfiction) that are searchable and leveled paired with questions crafted based on current evidence-based methods, common core aligned lessons, and novel study units with ancillary materials and Comprehension Units that offer read aloud as well as paired text passages, and more.  For all grade levels.

Kaizena Shortcut

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Kaizena Shortcut is an Add-on for Docs that allows users to export a Google Doc to Kaizena to create personalized feedback fast through various features such as recorded voice comments or teacher-made mini lessons with video tutorials that can be added to a Doc with one click.


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Readability is a Chrome extension that improves the readability of text on web pages through features that permit users to remove clutter on busy web pages. Also, it provides the option to save articles for later reading and the ability to change font size and color to improve the ability to read digital text. For all grade levels.


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GeoGebra is a handy, interactive application designed for students, primary to the collegiate level. Users can engage and blend geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics, and calculus. GeoGebra offers an authoring tool to create interactive learning materials/lessons in the format of a webpage as well as many downloadable free resources. Also, it has apps for iOS and Android devices. For all grade levels. 

Ted Ed Riddles

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Ted Ed, some of you may know, but did you know about the riddles posted on the site? The riddles can serve as diving boards into a new lesson or as an extension for a lesson completed early or another differentiated activity. For all grade levels.   


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Flippity is a conversion tool that allows users to take Google Sheets and turn them into flashcards, a random name picker, a Jeopardy-like trivia quiz review, a progess tracker, and more. This tool would be great for students to collaborate on in pairs or teams and provides cool features like the ability to embed videos or insert images in the flashcards/quizzes.  For all grade levels. 

Merlot II

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Merlot II is a site with a collection of free online simulations, interactives, games, and lessons, many of which are innovative approaches to teaching abstract and complex concepts. Locating these free services, however, is a journey.


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